AXIchain - The next generation supply chain and trading platform

Our Mission

We're an Australian owned company, founded in 2018, with a mission to streamline and simplify processes in domestic and international supply chains and provide the future of digital trade and traceability today.

Transcending existing antiquated complex paper-driven supply chains into the new digital landscape. The AXIchain products are designed to connect the dots of more than 57 processes into 5 simple key touchpoints that encompass the entire supply chain on a single platform.

Our products make complex trading systems simple and efficient which saves time and money. The AXIchain system creates trade opportunities and enhances traceability and transparency for all supply chain participants.

We understand the pitfalls and frustrations surrounding the current process and our products are there to advance agricultural supply chains and trade. From farm to fork, our technology is created with all parts of the supply chain in mind.

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Our Partners:

We're proud to pair up with industry leaders in a united mission to better the Australian agricultural industry

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