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Become a shareholder and be part of the next generation of global trade and supply chains with AXIchain

The leading digital supply chain and trade platform

The future is now with AXIchain’s global supply chain platform. AXIchain is a blockchain supply chain, finance, payment and trading platform. The platform removes paper, improves efficiency, delivers data-driven decision making for our users, increasing profit and reducing cost.

Starting in the red meat industry AXIchain has delivered AXIfarm - Individual and livestock farm management software; The mNVD - the most sophisticated livestock mobile National Vendor Declaration; TransTrack - for tracking livestock on the move; AXIpay – technology-driven livestock finance supported by DLL; SmartTrader and AXIchat - the trading app for buying and selling commodities including payment systems supported by Western Union and soon to be released the digital Bill of Lading and SmartEscrow (AXIcoin) for a complete ecosystem.

farm product

The complete ecosystem in one spot.

The market place is like the AirBnB for finding livestock in your local area. Subscribers can buy, fund and resell products all in one place. Subscribers have an opportunity to reach further down the supply chain with other users as a digital consortium.

AXIchain on-boarded over 450 users in the last 12 months including all levels of the industry from hobby farmers to feedlots and abattoirs. In 2021, AXIchain bought in DLL, a 100% subsidiary of Rabobank to support technology-driven livestock finance and are well-positioned to leverage off our key growth drivers.