There are more than 57 steps involved in the current supply chain and trading process and much of this still relies on paper-based methods. This outdated system creates opportunity for fraud and failure, gaps in traceability therefore impacting bio-security standards and costs producers and industry huge amounts of time and money. Consumers want to know more and more about the quality of their food, where it comes from and the journey it’s been on. By creating efficiencies, producers and industry as a whole can maintain improved margins, reduced costs with less time (and money) spent trying to navigate through an old system.

The solution is here at AXIchain and we've created products that remove unnecessary steps, reducing them to a simple, streamlined process with KEY TOUCH POINTS that encompass the entire supply chain all in one place.

Our products and services have been cleverly designed with every touch point of the supply chain in mind, so whether you’re a producer, a transporter, own a feedlot, saleyard, abattoir or operate as a wholesaler, our products offer you a single source of truth and the purest form of traceability and assurance – from farm to fork!

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Track livestock from birth through the production cycle all from your smartphone
Data driven decision making to increase efficiency, reduce cost and increase profit.

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Smart Trader

The trading mate in your pocket
A smart, secure and effective trading platform for domestic and international commodities trading. A one-stop-shop for selling your product locally and international.

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The leading digital “mobile” NVD app
The AXIchain mNVD, licenced by the ISC and approved by authorities is an easy-to-use digital solution to move your livestock from farm to producer and/or processor.

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Standalone Transport Technology
TransTrack connects seamlessly into the mobile National Vendor Declaration (mNVD) creating smooth connectivity for transporters when moving livestock.

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No more paper NVDs
Abattoirs can now go completely digital in managing incoming livestock. No more paper NVDs!

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Escrow structured Remittance and Financial services
AXIchain’s FINTECH serves as a gateway hub connecting to the suite of AXIchain services with partnered third party solutions for near real time payment, improved FX rates escrow structured remittance and lending services underpinned by a smart contract.

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Automated and hands-free logistics
Logistics coordination derived from user’s smart contract details, connecting every aspect of the trade, documentation, payment and waybill or bill of lading. Containers, container space and pickup all automated.

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