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Livestock Finance Key Features

AXIchain’s AXIpay fintech serves as a hub, connecting to the suite of AXIchain services for finance and payments management.

Finance - AXIchain has partnered with De Lage Landen (DLL) to combine the technology solutions of AXIchain and the financial power of DLL to provide livestock finance to AXIchain customers. Seamless integration of DLL financial services with AXIchain technology through AXIfarm and Smart Trader, provides customers with an all-in-one finance and payments solution for livestock.

Payments - AXIpay leverages off a major global payment provider, Western Union for internationally domiciled client on-boarding in over 50 countries, near real-time payments, improved FX rates, escrow structured remittance and lending services - all underpinned by AXIpay’s blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Payments Key Features

De Lage Landen is a wholly owned subsidiary of RABO Bank specialising in Vendor and Asset Finance. DLL has a global presence with an over 35B Euro Managed Portfolio.
Cattle finishing.100% finance for purchase of Livestock for the purpose of fattening/finishing.
Currently 9.95%pa fixed for the term of funding.
Yes. On finance up to $250k, DLL can provide a pre-approval so you have the comfort of knowing that the Finance is available before you go to market.
Facility approval fee:- Nil
Drawdown Fee- $150.00 per drawdown
Term. Minimum-90 days. Maximum 2 years.
Amount. Minimum $10k. Maximum – No maximum.
Repayment- The finance outstanding against each livestock is repaid at sale.
Interest payment- Interest is calculated daily and charged to the customers DLL account monthly. Repayable on loan payout alongside loan principal.
Applicant must have 5 years Livestock production history.
Applicant must own Livestock production property on which the livestock financed are managed.
DLL will require a clear credit history.
For facilities over $250k, DLL will undertake further credit assessment.
A simple online short form Application and Privacy Consent form is required. Refer to the link:
DLL will normally be able to assess loans up to $250k within 48 hrs and loans over $250k within 14 days of receipt of all information.
Up to $250k. Application and Privacy Consent form only.
$250k-$500k. A statement of Assets and Liabilities is required in addition.
$500k plus. 3 years financial information, trading and cashflow forecasts, and other general business information.
At this point, financing is available for Cattle purchased at market through a Livestock agent. Cattle purchased privately can be considered on a case by case basis however further terms and conditions may apply.
Yes. DLL funding is conditional on the financed livestock being managed and traded through the Axichain platform.
A registered Personal Mortgage Security Interest is required over the livestock financed.
Directors guarantees (if applicable).
DLL may require additional security documentation at their discretion.
Yes without penalty.
Yes. Unlike other lenders DLL do not obtain ownership of the livestock.
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