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A smart, secure and effective trading platform for domestic and international commodities trading. A one-stop-shop for selling your product locally and international.

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Join Aussie Producers listing their livestock for FREE in the AXIchain Smart Trader - Register here or check out the AXImarket

Livestock Trading – A self-managed livestock marketing, trading and transaction system at your fingertips within a secure platform. Direct and Point of sale from farm or negotiate and trade online at a distance.

Red Meat Trading – Creating opportunities for direct sales into international markets from your personal device. Access buyers and sellers in domestic and international markets via a trusted application, encompassing traceability systems.

List or request stock/products, access a database of buyers and suppliers, negotiate price, track product movement as it moves through the supply chain. Secure remittance and payment options all connected to logistic solutions and underpinned by a smart contract and authenticated data.

Product and payment exchanges process made in a modern and safe environment with pre-vetted trusted trading partners. This product is an absolute game changer, encompassing the entire supply chain all in one place!

Product highlights

  • List livestock for sale with a click of button
  • Trades are concluded via a smart contract for assurance
  • Connectivity to animal movements via AXIchain mNVD
  • Internal chat negotiations
  • Self-audited declaration
  • Escrow + point of sale payment solutions
  • Blockchain framework to track provenance data, product listing, negotiations, agreements and sales on a decentralised trading platform
  • Essential feedback loop created between producers and consumers enabling better decision making and product enhancements
  • AUSmeat cut specifications pre-loaded for easy listing
  • Cut price matrix
  • Brand promotion of larger producers and/or brand creation by way of digital syndication of small to medium enterprises
  • Buyers and sellers are pre-vetted before they can access the platform
  • Cloud management for export documentation
  • Near real time cross-border payments via an escrow structured remittance system
  • Improved FX rates
  • All trades can be done via phone or tablet at a click of a button


FAQs coming soon - stay tuned. If you do have any questions, please get in touch.

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