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3 Dec 2021


With our goal of creating digital solutions to make life in the agricultural supply chain easier, we’ve been hard at work building a suite of new technology to further benefit the red meat industry.

  • mNVD and TransTrack update, including LPA auditing system.
  • AXIpay, technology-driven livestock finance for livestock
  • AXIfarm, livestock management software – Individual livestock and lifetime provenance data
  • AXIchat, smart chat – sell livestock and red meat stock via our chat service
  • OneApp, vertically integrated supply chain management dashboard


AXIchain subscription
To ensure you get value for service, AXIchian is launching a new subscription model. There is a subscription for everyone, no matter where you operate within the supply chain.

After clicking the button below just log in and select your plan!

If you're logged into the mNVD app, simply click 'settings' > 'plan' > 'change plan'

On the 1st December 2021 if you haven't nominated a monthly subscription you will be allocated the pay per use subscription with no monthly fee.

By uploading the RFID and relevant details of owned or purchased livestock into AXIfarm, AXIchain users can apply for finance through AXIpay.

Borrow funds directly against your livestock using individual livestock management technology increasing profit and reducing cost through the AXIchain system.

Via your smart device capture RFIDs, lifetime provenance, weight gain records, feed and chemical inputs and much more…



AXIchat is an encrypted messaging service for livestock and red meat buyers and sellers to communicate domestically and internationally, integrated with Smart Trader.

All conversations are timestamped and images can be uploaded into the trade with a smart contract building behind the scenes as the trade is negotiated. All connected to payment services and much more...

Create your own selling group with AXIchat.

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